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The Last Beautiful Girl Production Blog #1: So It Begins

Well, The Last Beautiful Girl production has started!!! it’s been an adventure. A lead change, recasting on the fly and torrential Austin storms have affected the shoot and really added the LABOR to the term “labor of love.” I’ll be honest, its been a test. It’s also important to remember that not all tests are bad. Our previous movie was a smoother ride to be sure, but you learn more about yourself and the people around you when you have to face adversity. We have done that. I know coming out of this, I will be a stronger director and a better leader than I was going in. That makes the experience alone with it.

The thing that ultimately matters, of course, it what’s coming through on camera and it is hilarious and terrific so far. Derek Babb, Morgan Floyd, Shelby Cullinan, Jae McCain, Shelby Surdam, Hannah Holub and Tracey Ely have all brought so much to the process with their timing and their willingness to try new things. I’ve also been tickled to work with Andy Bertelsen as a “bizarro” version of himself. When you go into a movie like this, you hope to get the chance to work with talent you’ve met on the circuit. We got a great scene out of Scot Michael Walker and Anthony Fort. Those two had great chemistry.

The crew has really had to tough out some intense situations. Emily Heifner shooting her first movie has done a great job. Josh Gonzalez, Brendan Johnson and Grace Hathaway have been the rocks that have kept the ship going through some rough storms. It’s not been easy. Indications are, it won’t be. We’ll have to dig deep as a team and stretch ourselves. And thats awesome.


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