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I believe that ‘The Last Beautiful Girl’ is the third feature film we have seen from James Christopher since opening The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards. Over the last three pictures we have seen: soul, warmth, comedy, sadness, drama… a whole heap of skills and tones. To say that we are fans of his work is an understatement.

Here, with ‘The Last Beautiful Girl’, we have a more candid story. Relationships and people clash, comedy and drama flip flops. The performances are balanced, and easy to watch – unstaged and engaging. Heck – a highlight, besides the lead performance by Derek Babb, is the series of mishaps which performers help carry to reality, like the oily bed sequence and the awkward wedding ‘what are you doing?’ here moment.

The only flaw to this all is that Christopher has yet to be handed the keys to a Hollywood project. He’d be great for it, and we can’t wait to see what comes next!”


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