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Allison Gregory



1) Why do you act?

There is so much to be learned from taking on a new role. And it’s fun!



2) What actors do you admire?  Allison3

Doug Jones
Robin Wright
Lauren Lane
Terissa Kelton


Allison23) What was your most satisfying experience acting?

I honestly can’t choose a single experience as being the ‘most’ satisfying. Though, I can say that nothing is more satisfying that working on a project where there is complete commitment, passion, and respect between everyone involved.


4) Why do The Last Beautiful Girl?

I like characters that challenge my appearance, and I am most looking forward to bringing dark and weird to the set of LBG.
5) Ten favorite movies?

Back to the Future
Its a Wonderful Life
White Christmas
American Beauty
The Princess Bride
How to Steal a Million
Trouble in Paradise
Philadelphia Story
I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK


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