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Mike Donis


Mike Character

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1) Why did you start acting?

My background was actually in directing and editing – a few years ago I found myself acting in a project, and fell in love with it. Was “bitten by the bug” if you will. And it all just sort of took over me from there. And now I’m here, and I love every minute of it.

2) What actors do you look to as an example. or Who is your inspiration?
Probably Jennifer Lawrence. Appears to have her head on her shoulders while being at the top of her game. In terms of an actor who has inspired me personally? Probably Robert Duvall.
3)  What has been your most satisfying time on stage or set?
I remember shooting a fairly intimate scene for a web series I worked on that was often quite broad in tone up to that point. And feeling like the scene was achieved without changing who the character was in his soul, was a really fantastic experience.
4) Why did you decide to The Last Beautiful Girl and what are you looking forward to the most?
That’s easy. I read. The. Script. Few screenplays move me like James Christopher’s have, and this is no exception. And perhaps one of his best yet. I’m very grateful to be able to be a part of bringing it to life.
5) What are your top 10 movies of ALL time! 
Star Wars Trilogy (that counts as one to me)
The Godfather
The Lion King
When Harry Met Sally
Tender Mercies
The Great Escape
Blazing Saddles
Raiders of the Lost Ark

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