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Rachel Clark-Spear


Rachel Character

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1) Why did you start acting? or Why did you get into film?

Since childhood I have always been an actress. I don’t think of it as something I ever started doing, it was just what I always knew I was. I could never imagine my life being anything but an actress. Its my passion and its what I’ve always wanted to be and always been.

2) What actors do you look to as an example. or Who is your inspiration?
Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Julia Roberts.
3)  What has been your most satisfying time on stage or set?
I was in a short play in high school called “The Small Wooden Horse” and I played the lead. She was an outsider looking in, and was the only one who saw the tragedy and injustice happening around her. I felt as though I was truly able to connect to that role and through doing so deeply moved the audience.
4) Why did you decide to The Last Beautiful Girl and what are you looking forward to the most?
I saw Going Guerrilla and I wanted to  be a part of something like it. I thought the vibe of the film could also show the joy and fun that everyone had while making it and it seemed like a fabulous crew of people to work with. I am looking forward to creating something great with people that I will form good friendships with and become a part of a true team.
5) What are your top 10 movies of ALL time! 
The Princess Bride
10 Things I hate about you
Forrest Gump
Dirty Dancing
Batman Begins
The Notebook
The Lord of the Rings
Knocked Up
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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