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Sophie Tuckfield

Sophie1) Why did you start acting? or Why did you get into film?

I started acting because my older sister Madeline started doing it. She loved it and wanted to share the joy of acting with me and its been my passion ever since. 
I got into film because once again my sister Madeline started to do some acting in films. I wanted to learn more aspects of filming so on one of her projects I was able to be crew. I wanted to learn all side’s of acting. Stage acting, film, technical, wardrobe, location scout, I wanted to learn more so I would know the sacrifice, time and dedication it took to make a movie happen.

2) What actors do you look to as an example. or Who is your inspiration?
Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong to my eyes. I honestly think she is the best actress that has ever been alive. Okay maybe not ever but she’s up there (for me at least). My inspiration would be my older sister Madeline. She has lit the way for me and I have learned from her victories and mistakes. I will never be able to thank her enough for the joy she has brought be. 
3)  What has been your most satisfying time on stage or set? 
I was Ursula in “The Little Mermaid”. The show had ended, Ariel got Prince Eric and we just finished curtain call. After my parents came up to me saying the usual parent stuff, “you did so great” “good job” such and such. But then, other parents started coming up to me saying things like “have you ever considered Broadway?” or “please tell me you want to continue acting”. A couple of small kids told their parents ” I want a picture with Ursula” and we took pictures. And what made that moment stood out was, it wasn’t just my parents who believed in me, other people did. Other people thought I could be on Broadway. It is was that little encouragement that made me fully understand how much I loved this craft. Whether it be on stage or in front of a camera I have a passion for the art form that will continue to grow all through out my life 
4) Why did you decide to The Last Beautiful Girl and what are you looking forward to the most?
I was a crew member (script supervisor to be exact) during “DisAssosiation Ville” and the Twichy Dolphin family welcomed me with open arms. They are so funny and I love hearing about…just everything they do! I love being with the crew and cast and I look forward to more shenanigans 😉  
5) What are your top 10 movies of ALL time! 
-Stand by Me 
– Planet of the Apes series (Beneath,Escape,Conquest,Battle, reboot-Rise,Dawn) 
-Star Trek
-Empire of the Sun 
-Harry Potter movies 

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