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Terissa Kelton

Terissa Character

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1) Why did you start acting? or Why did you get into film?

Long story short, I went into public school for the first time when I was 14. Having been home schooled for a large part of my life, I was overwhelmed with all these new peers that I now had to deal with on a daily basis. I became really interested in what made them ‘them’. Their stories; what made them tick. I was, somewhat randomly, asked to audition for the high school musical in my senior year and ended up being cast. Fell in love with acting, continued it on into college. I was getting a lot of great notes on my work, but there was always the ‘you’re really subtle’ comment. I wasn’t getting cast in a lot of theatre productions, so I started submitting to casting calls in Austin. Had a lot of success and realized that ‘subtle’ translates better on film, in many cases. And I rolled with it!

2) What actors do you look to as an example. or Who is your inspiration?
Specifically, it’s hard to pinpoint individuals. What inspires me about specific people is the desire to tell a story, no matter what. Especially in this industry, climbing over the many hurdles placed in your way in order to get a movie made is a substantial indication that you are passionate about your work and the work of others with which you collaborate. Succeed or fail, those are the people that inspire me.
3)  What has been your most satisfying time on stage or set?
Probably the time I mispronounced “Alderaan” in a scene where I was dressed in the Princess Leia slave outfit in a room full of Star Wars nerds. I strive for those moments in my work.
In all honesty, I’ve felt great moments in every production I’ve been a part of. It’s usually because I’m working with a scene partner or a director who can see what needs to change and makes that change in the least distracting way.
4) Why did you decide to The Last Beautiful Girl and what are you looking forward to the most?
Well, I’m a Twitchy regular at this point, so I’ve had a lot of experience with the writer and the production team. I’ve been there from the first mention of doing The Last Beautiful Girl and I know it’s a very important project for the company. I enjoy being a part of that.
Mostly, I look forward to being on set and around those involved in bringing the story to screen.
5) What are your top 10 movies of ALL time!

We must now all enter a judge-free zone. Everybody in? In no particular order:
Con Air
The Host
La Misma Luna
Let The Right One In (Swedish, original)
Independence Day
My Sassy Girl (Korean, original)

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